JF Arms Company

JF Arms Company was founded in 2013 as a small retail store in Decatur Indiana.

      - Owner Jon Fuhrman is the typical rural country kid. Grew up around guns. Competed in Small Bore in 4H, competed on his local high school (Bellmont HS) Small Bore and High Power CMP team, placing 2nd place in the Junior Olympics in the prone position in 2002 and competing at Camp Perry, Ohio in the National Matches for CMP Highpower events.

In 2009 Jon found the sport of USPSA and 3gun. In 2010 Jon took over as match director for Atlanta Conservation Club for the 3gun league and winter of 2010 he, Ryan Zamberlan and Tony Diana (Match Director for Wildcat Valley) created the Indiana Multigun Series, the largest Club level 3gun league in the nation at the time.

In 2013 Jon went to work for Hillside Shooting Sports as Assistant Manager and Match Director for Hillside in the Indiana Multigun Series. Wishing to run his own store, but still remain with Hillside, Jon stayed on at Hillside as Match Director and Training Coordinator and founded JF Arms Company to better serve the Decatur Indiana area with High End Firearms from brands such as BCM, Daniel Defense and more. 

In 2012 Jon earned his EMT Basic certifcation and first worked for Adams County EMS and then in 2015 with Wells County EMS as a full time EMT.

In August of 2013 Haley Strategic contacted Jon about hosting HSP training events at Hillside. From September 2013 - September 2016 Jon and HSP co-hosted 8 total training courses, which included Jon as a student.

In December 2016 Jon traveled to Arizona to training once again at HSP's home facility then in Goodyear Arizona at the Marcopia County Sheriff Departments facility.

Jon has completed a combination of 10 course from Haley Strategic and 1 from Costa Ludus (Chris Costa of MagPul Dynamics fame). Each course being a 3 day 12 hour a day, 500-600 rounds per day course for total of 1500 rounds per class.

Since those courses Jon has yearned to pass along the hundreds of hours of knowledge learned on to others and continues to gain more knowledge and learn new and better ways to advance his skillset and pass that along to others.


"We must always strive to learn, especially when it comes to everyday life skills. The day you think you are good to go is the day you need to seek out more training. We are never ever done learning or growing.

In todays word, we alone are responsible for our own safety. No one is coming to save you. Police are primarily responders to incidents that have already happened, therefore its our job to protect ourselves and our loved ones." - Jon Fuhrman