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Carbine Advanced is the next step after taking Basics of Carbine. Students will build upon the lessons learned and add one hand only and support side techniques and manipulations. This class is 9 hours.

 You will need a minimum of 500 rounds for your carbine.
You will need to bring safety glasses and hearing protection. Electronic hearing protection is preferred so you can hear range commands.
This course will be held entirely on an outdoor range, rain or shine, so please bring weather appropriate gear.

 PRE-REQUISITE: Code 3 Academy Basics of Carbine, JF Arms Co Carbine 1, Finest Hour LLC Carbine B.A.S.E or equivalent from reputable trainer.

(Please bring a ZEROED carbine, we will confirm zeros in the morning but will not have any time to Zero it.)


- One handed shooting fundamentals / accuracy drills
- Different shooting positions
- Single handed and support side reloads
- Single handed and support side malfunction clearing
- Multiple targets and transitions
- Shooting while moving
- Working with a "teammate"
- Distance Shooting under stress
- Barricade work (including in and around a vehicle)



  • A ZEROED AR style carbine in 223/556, 308, 300blk
  • Sling for your rifle
  • 3 Magazines (5 recommended)
  • Holster for 1-2 magazines
  • 500 rounds of ammunition
  • Clean kit and lubricant
  • Safety glasses and hearing protection
  • IFAK/Individual First Aid Kit is highly recommended
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing and rain gear
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • (OPTIONAL) If time permits at the end of class we will work on rifle to pistol transitions. Feel free to bring your pistol with holster and 100 rounds of ammo.

Students must be a current United States citizen and meets one of the three following:
- Possess a current Indiana or Equivalent State Issued License to Carry
- Is an active duty/honorably discharged Military or active full time/reserve and former Law Enforcement Officer
- The student must be able to pass a FBI NICS background check.

Course Tuition: $125.00
(Lunch is not included )